Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Day No. 16

Woke up: Drakes Bay, CA
Went to sleep: Sausalito, CA

The Aquatic Park

Prior to our arrival into San Fransisco Bay, Peter and I dutifully consulted charts and reference manuals such as The Coast Pilot and Charlie’s Charts. We consulted with friends familiar with the area and made several phone inquiries.  We determined our best course of action was to anchor in Aquatic Park for the night and move to a local marina in the morning.  All the guides indicated Aquatic Park was an amenable anchorage.

As we confidently motored past the protective break wall surrounding the busy park, I noticed a sign, “Beware of Swimmers”.  At the same time Peter pointed out a bobbing head clinging to a nearby buoy.  Simultaneously a very angry swimmer screamed at us, “No motorized vehicles allowed!”  Suddenly out of nowhere we were surrounded by 10-20 colorful swim caps with arms and legs chopping through the water like human grasshopper obstacles.

“Oh, expletive! Expletive!”

Peter hurriedly dropped the anchor and we killed the engine as fast as we could.  We sat there, atop our vicious man-eating vessel, swarmed by evening lap swimmers.  The question in my mind, “How did they think we were going to get in here?  Row?”

We talked it over and decided we didn’t want to stay where we weren’t welcome.  During a brief pause in the action, Peter yanked up the anchor, I powered on, full throttle, and we were out of there.

We then anchored in Richardson’s Bay, Sausalito, CA and it is lovely.


Sausalito from the cockpit


This place is gorgeous.  Gentle green hills surrounding expansive blue water.  Hundreds of yachts of every size and shape anchored nearby; light breeze and ample sunshine.  As we checked into the Clipper Yacht Harbor we inquired about the cost of monthly moorage.  We were told it would be $1,200 per month to rent a slip to accommodate our boat.  The woman assured us this was a good price.  Afterall, you would pay more for a small studio apartment on land.

I remembered a recent article in Time Magazine.  The San Fransisco area has become so costly, only the wealthy can afford to live here.  Therefore, the people who clean the fancy hotel rooms, or serve ice tea in the café, or pick up garbage at the curb can not afford to live here.  The result is a community of opulence and no one available to clean up after them.


But, its very lovely.

Penelope at anchor in Sausalito, CA



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2 Responses to Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Day No. 16

  1. Rhonda Freeman says:

    This was so dang funny I read it to Jeff and we laughed so hard… love the posts!


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