Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Day No. 17

Woke up: Sausalito, CA
Went to sleep: Sausalito, CA

We’ve been in Sausalito for three nights, which is really luxurious. It gave us a full day to go for a long run, do laundry, and restock the galley. Off the coast, 10-60 nautical miles off shore, winds were light (5 knots), increasing to 5 – 15 knots tomorrow so it paid to wait another day rather than bob around in the Pacific Ocean with no wind.

We ran from Clipper Yacht Harbor in Richardson’s Bay through downtown Sausalito and up a steep winding hill to the Golden Gate Bridge.

I'm too sexy for my

Can’t believe I’m really here.


Peter on the bridge

Peter near the bridge











Susan and Peter at the bridge

Susan and Peter at the bridge

Interestingly, they are amidst a four phase project to add seismic upgrades to the bridge, built in 1937, before seismic design was a consideration.

Cavallo Point

This 10 acre site was originally inhabited by the coastal Miwok tribes. In 1866, the U.S. Army acquired the site for a military base to fortify the north side of the Golden Gate. Horseshoe Cove became home to Fort Baker long before there was a Golden Gate Bridge. The 24 buildings took shape between 1901 and 1915. The Army post remained active through World War II. Now the facility is a luxury hotel.

Cavallo Point Lodge






Corrello Point

Luxury Resort







Educational Tall Ships

Next we stopped in the Mathew Turner Educational Tall Ship Building Facility.


Building the Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner (1825-1909) was an American sea captain, shipbuilder and designer. He constructed 228 vessels, of which 154 were built in the Matthew Turner shipyard in Benicia, CA. He built more sailing vessels than any other single shipbuilder in America, and can be considered “the ‘grandaddy’ of big time wooden shipbuilding on the Pacific Coast.”

The Mathew Turner Educational Tall Ship is constructing a traditional wooden tall, ship, the Matthew Turner, which will serve as an experiential learning platform for Bay Area youth. The vessel, when complete in 2016, will be run and operated by Call of the Sea who have successfully impacted up to 17,000 kids  each year since 1984.

Boat works

Matthew Turner design



boatworks 2

Complete in 2016






For more information, visit their website at


Walking back to the marina . . .


Adding to my elephant collection


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