Friday, September 19, 2014 Day No. 19

Woke up: Sausalito, CA

Went to sleep:  Off the coast of Monteray Bay, CA

We left San Fransisco in the fog this morning. I had a fanciful expectation that once we crossed under the bridge and over the bar it would be sunny and warm.  But neither the sun nor the wind showed up today.


Leaving San Fransisco in the fog

The scale of my satisfaction/frustration is measured in knots of apparent wind. For a full day the wind has refused to tease out even 10 knots.  Our rule is to use the sails rather than the engine any time the wind is 5 knots or greater.  At 5 knots across the beam this boat will glide along the water at 3 knots, or 3-1/2 miles per hour.  (Do you have any idea how long it takes to travel the length of California at 3-1/2 miles per hour?)    At 9 knots apparent wind we’re racing at 5 knots, speed over ground.

Tonight is very dark. Both the moon and the stars are hidden by clouds.  The ocean is flat with little chop or swell.  I’m watching the wind and our speed.  When the wind falls below 5 knots, the boom and the main sail flap and clang.  The speed is a ridiculous three.  Frustration is high.

As I sit here in the darkness, out of the near silence, the soft hum of the wind generator rises to a steady whir. A chilly breeze crosses the bulwark and tickles my cheek.  Now the boom and the main sail are quiet and the sound of the bow splashing thru the water fills the night air.  My heart soars as our speed tops 5 knots.  Then everything gets quiet and the boom clangs.

Cooking On Board

To help folks understand the concept of cooking underway I snapped a few photos.


Coffee pot anchored to the stove top.

Gimballed – a device consisting of pivoted ring or rings capable of swinging freely while mounted to a fixed frame, used as to hold a ship’s gyroscope level despite any pitch, roll, or yaw.

Since our stove is gimballed, the stove top rocks from front to back with the motion of the boat to keep the stove top horizontal when the boat is healed 10-20 degrees.


Boat healed to starboard.









Boat healed to port.








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