Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Day No. 23

Woke up: San Simeon, CA

Went to sleep: Morro Bay, CA

Our new friends, Burk and Dana, aboard Wild Rose, are from Morro Bay, CA. They suggested Morro Bay would have more of the amenities we are looking for, within walking distance of the dock, than San Luis Obispo.  We decided to make Morro Bay our next destination.

Peter is concerned about rounding the “Cape Horn of the Pacific” – Point Conception – and he got reassurances from Burk that it won’t be so bad.  Unfortunately, a storm is festering off shore and Point Conception is predicted to be hit hard with high winds (30 knots) and 9 foot waves over the next few days. We will have to wait in Morro Bay until things settle down.

We left San Simeon mid-morning with the intent of getting to Morro Bay on the incoming tide, as preferred.

The fog was weighing heavy as we followed Wild Rose out of the bay. Soon both sailing vessels had thrown up all the cloth available to make way with little wind.  Peter can easily sail this boat single-handed when winds are light, so I spent most of the day down below, reading, writing and making a pot of spaghetti sauce.

Later in the afternoon, we followed Wild Rose between the entrance buoys, across the bar, and into the fabulous harbor of Morro Bay, CA.

Morro Bay North Jetty and entrance buoy

Morro Bay north jetty and entrance buoy

I had contacted the Morro Bay Yacht Club earlier in the day and they had assured me there was ample room at the dock. They, too, were surprised when several more boats, all heading to San Diego for the Ba Ha, arrived throughout the afternoon.  John and Cass graciously invited us to raft up alongside their 34-foot Pacific Sea Craft, Victoria.


Morro Rock

Morro Rock

While we waited 30 minutes for another boat, currently rafted to John and Cass, to depart, we walked half a block to a nearby brewing establishment for a cold, sudsy, schooner of beer.

Still clad in our foul weather clothes, we plopped ourselves up to the bar, both of us exceedingly stinky and unshaven after 5 days without a proper shower.  We quickly started a conversation with the couple next to us and soon Peter was retelling the story of our brutal beach landing for all the bar to hear.

Once checked in at the Morro Bay Yacht Club, I was delighted to find the showers are awesome. I could live here.  At $25 per night, including electricity, water, showers and laundry facilities, we will wait comfortably until the storm passes and rounding Point Conception will not be too scary.

Morro Bay Yacht Club

Morro Bay Yacht Club

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