Thursday, September 25, 2014 Day No. 25

Woke up: Morro Bay, CA

Went to sleep: Morro Bay, CA

Another lazy day in Morro Bay.

I found a set of stairs leading from one level to an upper level at a nearby park. I thought I would try to duplicate the stair routine my dear, young, friend Cynthia, and I used to do.


Stairs in Morro Bay

At the World Trade Center we did 19 floors, six times.  It used to take approximately 50 minutes.  With only 46 stairs to work with, I decided to go for 50 minutes.  I was able to climb up and down 75 times in 50 minutes. Would it be pathetic to say, “I miss the stairwell of the World Trade Center”?

Morro Rock


Morro Rock

The nine sisters are extinct volcano peaks which run in an approximately straight line for twelve miles, stretching from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo. These peaks separate the Los Osos and Chorro Valleys. The peaks are approximately 21 million years old.

This area was the original home of the Chumash Indians, who made camps at the base of these peaks and ate the berries and roots found growing in the mountain sides. There is currently an effort being made to have the peaks named as historical landmarks, and thus preserved from further development.

 At elevation 576 feet, Morro Rock is also called “the Gibralter of the Pacific” and is probably the most famous peak. It was first sighted in 1542 by Juan Cabrillo. At one time it was surrounded by water. Quarrying was responsible for its shape, and rock from it supplied the breakwater for Morro Bay.

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