Saturday, September 27, 2014 Run, Hike, Walk

Woke up: Morro Bay, CA

Went to sleep: Morro Bay, CA

With their coffee in hand and the sun warming up the Saturday morning town of Morro Bay, Mark and Deana on Speakeasy and John and Cass on Victoria stood on their boats taking pictures, exchanging phone numbers and waving farewell.  We had to be off the dock of the Morro Bay Yacht Club by 9 am.  Our new friends threw off our mooring lines and we slowly, gently powered away from Victoria to our anchorage about 100 yards away.  “See you in a few minutes!  We’ll come by in the dinghy and let’s go to the store.”

People become fast friends when you’re in the same boat, so to speak. We’ve all left our homes, our friends and our families to live in cramped, cluttered, sometimes uncomfortable spaces with the notion of adventuring to new places and paying witness to new sites and experiences.  But, that doesn’t make it any easier.  As we potluck together or simply stand around the dock we share little tid bits of our stories.  Mark and Deana are from Victoria, BC aboard a very big and fancy catamaran.  John and Cass are from Ashland, Oregon.  Mark comes over to show me how to apply for the Temporary Import Permit we need to take our boat to Mexico.  Peter loans John red, yellow, and green spray paint to mark his anchor chain.  John drops off two pieces of berry pie.  We’re in this together whether we know each other or not.  The comradery makes it infinitely easier.


I always have a hankering to climb to the highest point around. Today was no different.  We set off on an easy jog, which turned into a trail run, then full blown mountaineering and finally a long walk back.  We covered 7-1/2 miles to the top of Machesna Peak, elevation 4,054 feet, and have pictures to prove it. 

Susan at the top

Susan at the top

The Bay

The Bay







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