Sunday, September 28, 2014 Overnight Passage to Point Conception

Woke up: Morro Bay, CA

Went to sleep: Off the coast of Pt. Arguello

Overnight Passage to Point Conception

While on watch last night, a sliver of a moon glistening on the horizon, I postulated the methodology employed by the weather forecasters. Given the choices – wind/no wind – shall we call it heads or tails?

Overnight between Morro Bay and Point Conception we had very little wind. We continued to sail through the night averaging 2-3 knots.

When I came back on deck at 5 am, we had rounded the corner and were heading east through the Santa Barbara Channel. Just as the horizon was turning darkness into dawn, the wind, out of the north, picked up at an awesome 17-20 knots! We topped 8-1/2 knots speed over ground with the wind directly across our beam.  The ocean was essentially flat with about 2 foot swells and I was screamin’ down the channel.

Suddenly, Captain Peter, the safety police, came on deck, furled in most of the head sail and slowed us back to 5 knots. What a kill joy.

Is it Real or Is it Memorex?

I am spoiled. While living at the marina, I didn’t concern myself with the quantity of water I used.  Potable water was available at the end of the dock.  This boat has two 50 gallon stainless steel potable water storage tanks.  With both of us showering at the gym or the marina, we used about 100 gallons every 10 days.  On the weekend, while other men are mowing the lawn, Peter’s chore was to fill the water tanks.  I could cook and clean with reckless abandon.

Not much has changed. Our Spectra Ventura 150 water maker produces water at 7-8 gallons per hour.  On those windless nights, far away from any population, when the engine has to run due to lack of wind, Peter runs the water maker.  If we have to run the engine for 5 or 6 hours, we can produce about 40 gallons of water.

Now the question: How is it?  Take a look.


Can you tell which one is Morro Bay municipal water and which is Peter’s brew? I can.  The Spectra makes water that tastes fresher, purer and colder than the other.  Peter diligently performs a fresh water flush – through a carbon filter – of the membrane every five days and notes it on the calendar.

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