Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Thirty Days and Counting

Woke up: Santa Barbara, CA

Went to sleep: Santa Barbara, CA

We left Portland and began this epic adventure one month ago today. It seems the first few days were like an out of body experience.  Is this really happening?  Then I went through the “I miss my friends.  I miss my job.  I miss my slip at the marina” stage.  Finally, in Morro Bay we met some people.  My friend, Cass, has been meeting me each morning to practice yoga together.  We’ve gotten past the most treacherous Oregon/California coastal sailing obstacles and covered a little over 900 miles including seven overnight passages.  We’ve anchored out 10 nights and tied up at a dock or marina 13 nights.  I’ve had 15 showers and walked 60 miles.  Penelope handles well and all systems are currently operational – knock on wood.

We have to be ultra-super conscientious about our spending. Although our only outgoing is the cost of food and fuel, our only incoming is $2,000 per month.  It doesn’t go far.  In Sausalito we plunked down $275 for diesel.  Lesson learned:  Sail more.  Motor less.  We’re trying to limit our spending to $50 per day average.  That would allow us to save $500 per month for an emergency.  When I get tired of having to count every penny, I’ll get a job.  For now, though, every day is Saturday and I have everything I need.

Breakfast on board

Breakfast on board


Peter was fishing when I went to bed. He had turned on the cockpit light to see what might be out there and noticed a very large school of small bait fish.  Then he used an LED flashlight to shine a concentrated beam into the water to gather them into a single location.  (Highly technical maneuver) Suddenly he’s rushing around, pulling out all the fishing gear, trying to find light weight gear.  He was alarmed when he realized he’d left all his light weight gear behind, planning only to catch 40+ pound and larger WaHoo, Mahi Mahi, Yellow Tail, and Dorado.  He finally rigged up some Sabiki bait rigs and within a few minutes had a 12” Mackerel.  Poor little guy became dinner for a 15 pound Skate, which he threw back.  I fell asleep quite fearful he would fall off the back of the boat trying to reel in something larger and I would never know he was missing.


Fortunately, I woke up to the smell of coffee brewing and Peter up to his elbows in the installation of DC power outlets.



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  1. Jean (Blount) says:

    I love all the pictures. Looks like mostly beautiful weather! I love San Simeon and Morro Bay – I grew up in SoCal, so these places are very familiar to me.


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