Saturday, October 4, 2014 Bus Tour

Waiting for Wind

Winds are very light.  It’s predicted to blow 5 – 10 knots until Monday.  I think we all know what happens when there is only 5 knots of wind.  If there is any swell at all, the boat can barely make forward progress but rather gets pushed ahead, only to roll back with the swell.  The sails flog and slap with the movement and following a larger swell, the boom tries to fling itself to the other side of the boat.

Our anchorage is free.  The ocean is flat so there is little rocking.  We decided to stay here until the winds pick up.

Bus Tour

I took myself on an unguided tour of Santa Barbara today.   An all day bus pass costs $6.00 and you are able to get on and off anywhere you like and ride all day!

Santa Barbara is truly a beautiful city.  With the Santa Ynez mountains to the north, soaring to almost 2,500 feet, the Pacific Ocean to the south and a Mediterranean climate, what’s not to love?

About 13,000 years ago, Native Americans populated the area.  The Spanish came in the 18th century to occupy and Christianize the area which became part of Mexico.  As a result of defeating Mexico in the Mexican-American War, the United States acquired the town in 1848.

Twice destroyed by earthquakes, in 1812 and 1925, it most recently has rebuilt itself in a Spanish colonial style.

I happened to strike up a conversation with a local gentleman who said, “Have you seen the courthouse?”  We jumped off the bus and walked a block and a half to Santa Barbara’s historic county courthouse.

Santa Barbara Court House

Santa Barbara County Courthouse


The courthouse has been called the most beautiful government building in America. It occupies a square block in downtown Santa Barbara.  Gardens and lawns surround this working courthouse.

Visitors can ride an elevator (or walk up four flights of stairs) to the 85 foot “el Mirador” clock tower for views of the city, coast and mountains.  There is also the Mural Room, noteworthy architecture and ornate tile work throughout the building.


Later I jumped on the No. 14 and rode out to Montecito to see Oprah’s house.  What a day!

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1 Response to Saturday, October 4, 2014 Bus Tour

  1. Sandra Thoma (Bes) says:

    Hi Susan, enjoying your updates! Roy and I have started thinking about doing that trip and/or living aboard in the San Juan’s in the summer. I find it interesting to hear about the logistics of port hopping, finances and getting around once at a destination.


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