Thursday, October 2, 2014 Provisioning

Woke up: Santa Barbara, CA

Went to sleep: Santa Barbara, CA

Today I walked 11 miles. In the morning we went for a run along the beach (4.8 miles) for exercise.

Peter snapped my picture

Peter snapped my picture

So I snapped his

So I snapped his

Later in the day we walked to the showers (0.4 miles), walked to West Marine (0.60 miles), walked to the internet café (0.8 miles), walked to Staples (0.3 miles), walked to Rite Aid (0.4 miles), walked to Concord Books (0.6 miles), walked to Smart and Plenty grocery outlet (0.5 miles), and walked back to the marina (2.6 miles).  That’s a lot of walking.  I feel tired, yet accomplished.

Somewhere in our travels we came upon the largest fig tree in North America.

Largest fig tree in North America

Largest fig tree in North America


State Street

State Street offers a proliferation of tourists and a shopping extravaganza.  We’re surrounded by people with cameras, taking pictures of each other and speaking in foreign tongues.  There is block after block and store after store of stuff to buy.


State Street, Santa Barbara

State Street, Santa Barbara

It’s interesting to note, Santa Barbara is very proud of their Spanish American history.  In fact, design guidelines in the community require a Spanish motif.  Most buildings offer beige stucco siding and clay tiles roofs.

The News

After dinner, as the sun sets behind Santa Barbara and darkness falls over the anchorage, I am immersed in my new Economist magazine.  I haven’t seen or heard news for a month.

It looks like Ebola and ISIS are still threatening our calm.  The republicans are still trying to bring down Obamacare and global warming is destined to destroy the planet.  Not so glad I walked 8 blocks out of my way to learn all of this.  But, State Street is nice.

Darkness falls upon the anchorage

Darkness falls upon the anchorage


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2 Responses to Thursday, October 2, 2014 Provisioning

  1. Rhonda Freeman says:

    Checked your location a saw you are enjoying Catalina Island. Picturing you standing on your head at the beach. Can’t wait for an update.


    • Hi Rhonda, Today I cleaned the stove/oven with a tooth brush. What fun. My sister is joining us this weekend. Say hi to everyone. I miss you all terribly. I hope you are well. Love, susan

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

      Cruising With Capta


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