Sunday, October 5, 2014 Peter’s Projects

Peter’s Projects

There is never an end to the array of projects Peter dreams up for himself.  What he is thinking about when he doesn’t have anything to say is usually what to install or how to modify something.

Typically, I haven’t even recognized a need when he shows me his idea for a “home improvement.”

This week he came home with DC outlets.  He suggested while in the tropics, we are going to want fans.  There are fans available that run on DC, rather than AC power.  It is much more efficient for us to operate appliances, etc. with DC power.  I will be so grateful to have little DC fans all over the house plugged into his myriad of DC outlets.

Peter’s greatest idea is the wash down hose in the cockpit.  It turns out, unbeknownst to me, Peter just happened to have a spare DC powered water pump stowed under the settee.  He mounted the water pump to the bulkhead inside a lazarette.  He ran electric power to it.  Then he spliced a “T” into our primary potable water supply, ran 1/2″ water system hose to the pump and then to the cockpit.  He drilled and sealed a 1-inch hole in the cockpit and installed a flush mounted hose bib fitting.

The cockpit hose bib

The cockpit hose bib

Once we reach the tropics and its so hot I just have to dive off Penelope into clear blue water, I’ll be able to rinse the salt and the sand off with potable water before I go below.

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