Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Finally Underway

Finally Underway

Woke up: Santa Barbara, CA

Went to sleep: 33 42’ N  119 06’ W  (Middle of nowhere)

Miraculously, the fog lifted and the sun cheerfully popped up from behind the eastern horizon today. Regardless of the wind condition, we are out of here.  We thoroughly enjoyed Santa Barbara but eight days is enough.  We are both overjoyed to again be underway.

We settle into our watch schedules almost as soon as we pull the anchor. It was about 9:00 am.  I stirred up fried red potatoes, green pepper, onion, mushroom, the ever present garlic, eggs, and cheese for breakfast.  Peter established our course and set way points on the GPS.  Once the autopilot is set to “navigation”, it will steer us directly to our next destination.  Even though the boat steers herself and there is essentially nothing I need to do, Peter has me trained to keep an almost continuous watch on the ocean in front of us.  Within a mile of shore we find an obstacle course of crab pots, kelp beds, and fishing vessels.  Once we get further out we’re mostly concerned with freighters, sleeping whales and an occasional recreational vehicle.

About Susan M. Gierga

Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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