Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Overnight Passage

Woke up: 33 38’ N, 118 55’ W  (Middle of nowhere).

Went to sleep: Ripper’s Cove, Santa Catalina Island, California

We sailed through the night between Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina Island. Peter was on watch when he called me up on deck to look at the lunar eclipse.  Who knew the earth was going to obstruct the illumination of the moon for a couple of hours?  It came as a surprise.  Imagine what the cavemen thought when the moon suddenly disappeared from the night sky.  I feel equally as out-of-the-know.

We arrived at Santa Catalina Island around noon. (Note:  We had intended to go to Newport Beach but the wind was more amenable to taking us to Catalina Island.)  What a gorgeous rural rock formation, located just 26 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California.  Like most of California, the island is in a severe drought.  It is brown and dry and even the cactus look wilted but the hills/mountains charge upward from a deep blue ocean and beg me to climb them.

We found a protected inlet called Ripper’s Cove and dropped the anchor. And then we raised the anchor.  And then we dropped the anchor.  And then we raised the anchor.  And then we dropped the anchor.  Sometimes this is what you have to do to assure the Captain can sleep through the night.  Once the anchor is down, I run below and press a button on the AIS.  This records the position of the anchor.  We set the anchor watch alarm to an 80 meter radius.  In the event Penelope decides to stray out of this area, an alarm will sound.  This also helps Peter to sleep well.

Ripper's Cove

Ripper’s Cove

I helped Peter launch the dinghy. Depressing the foot pump 500+ times to fill the pontoons with air is an excellent glute work out.  One I won’t pass up. Soon we are off to explore the beach.

We are always tired the day after an overnight passage. We work hard to be super kind to each other, knowing we are both sleep deprived.

Just before dusk Peter caught a 12” Bonita and grilled it on the barbecue. We were both in bed asleep by 8:00 pm.

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