Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Near Perfect Sail

Near Perfect Sail

Woke up: Off the coast of Ocean Beach, California

Went to sleep: San Diego, California

We disentangled Penelope from the mooring ball and motored out of Avalon Harbor at 12:00 noon, just before they charged us for another day.

We steered a heading of 120 degrees, west, southwest, crossing the Gulf of Catalina and pointing toward San Diego. The wind was variable 5 – 10 knots out of the south.  Penelope was sailing close hauled on a starboard tack.  We set a way point for the entrance buoy to San Diego harbor, approximately 76 miles away.

The ocean was fairly flat with a 1 – 2 foot swell. If the wind had remained constant, it would have taken approximately 13 hours to our destination.  Unfortunately, the last time we saw good wind was Sausalito.

About 10:00 pm, our forward progress was zero, the sails were flogging and everything down below was clanging. We fired up the engine.

About midnight, when Peter came on deck, he detected a light breeze. He turned off the engine and proceeded to tweak and trim the sails until around 3:00 am.  At 3:00 am he again fired up the engine for an hour or so.  When I awoke at 5:30 am we were sailing.  The wind was now out of the north.  We were sailing on a beam reach in an easterly direction.  The incredible glow of a major metropolitan area lit up the sky about 20 miles off the bow.  We should be in San Diego by noon.  We’ve travelled eleven hundred miles in forty five days.  What a trip!

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