Saturday, October 18, 2014 Lisa’s Visit

Woke up: Chula Vista Marina, Chula Vista, California

Went to sleep: Chula Vista Marina, Chula Vista, California

Lisa’s Visit

Today my sister, Lisa, flew in from Sacramento. She arrived at 8:00 am.  Lisa has been on our boat many times and thoroughly enjoys it.

I had sent Peter to the grocery store for a couple of breakfast items. Lisa and I had coffee and toast while visiting in the cockpit and waited for Peter to return.  After a couple of hours, Lisa said, “Don’t you worry about him being gone 3 times longer than it should take to walk to the store?”  “No, I’m accustomed to this.” I said.

When Peter returned he explained, “I ran into a couple of dead ends on my walk. I had to backtrack.  I looked up and down all the aisles of both stores before I could decide where to shop.  And, then I had a difficult time deciding which potatoes to buy.”  See, Lisa, this is what always happens when you send Peter to the store.

But, it was perfect.

We had breakfast, cleaned up the galley and placed everything that could potentially fall on the floor on the floor. We’re going sailing!

On a sunny, and fairly windy, fall afternoon, we sailed Penelope from the far southeast end of San Diego Bay to the far northwest end of San Diego Bay. At one point, we accidentally found ourselves amidst a sailing regatta – sleek, fast, sailing vessels, racing.  We actually did pretty well, though, and I think Penelope intimidated a couple of them.

Shelter Isalnd

Shelter Island

On our return, Peter flew the genaker. With the wind out of the northwest and our desired destination to the southeast, we were able to set a single tack, switch on the auto pilot and lounge in the cock pit with the afternoon sunshine, a cold beer and a light snack.  Unfortunately, the trip home took only 40 minutes and we were back.  But, a glorious sail.

Flying the genaker

Flying the genaker

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