Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Ecstasy

Woke up: Chula Vista Marina, Chula Vista, California

Went to sleep: Chula Vista Marina, Chula Vista, California


Today we walked to town to take care of some business. Then, I found a salon and had my hair trimmed.

The stylist asked if I had recently been sick. “No. Why?”  “I see a lot of new hair growth.  It would indicate you’ve experienced a recent illness or trauma which caused hair loss and now it’s growing back.”

How right she is! In January, Peter and I laid out a plan to get ready to leave Portland in September.  If we hadn’t started at that time and systematically followed our plan we never would have been ready to go.  To name just a few:  I finished yoga teacher school, took classes to become certified to teach English as a second language, took creative writing and journalism classes (in case I need a job), made several trips with a U-Haul to our house in Bend to store tools and winter things we won’t be taking, turned both properties over to a property manager, evicted one of the tenants, got the house cleaned up and found new tenants, sold my car, sold Peter’s fishing boat, sold the truck.  This list doesn’t include 1,000s of hours Peter spent getting Penelope ready to go.  I didn’t realize just how much stress we were under until I look in the mirror and see the relaxation in my face and new hair growth.

If I think I am a writer, I should be able to think of words to describe how happy I am to be living this lifestyle. There are not words, though.  No words are powerful enough.  Ecstatic.  Elated.  Overjoyed.  Profoundly grateful.

After a leisurely afternoon of reading the paper cover-to-cover and taking a nap, we met our friends, Mark and Deanna, by the garden for happy hour. It was a fun, fun conversation filled with laughter and friendship.


Happy Hour

By the garden

By the garden

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