Tuesday, October 28, 2014 On the Way to Bahia Tortugas

Woke up: Off the coast of BaJa California Sur

Went to sleep: Off the coast of BaJa California Sur

On the Way to Bahia Tortugas

Early Tuesday morning I was awakened by the sound of a westling match on the foredeck. Although the ocean was like a mirror and not a whisper of wind could be heard, Peter decided it made sense to rig the Genaker.  I wanted to kill him.  “You can’t make the wind blow by raising the Genaker, honey.”

For two hours we sat dead in the water, rolling with the ocean swell, while Peter and Alex wrestled the spinnaker pole. At noon, the men conceded defeat to mothernature.

Still, Peter insisted we didn’t have enough fuel to motor all the way to Cabo. All the boats in the BaJa are going to be looking for fuel in Turtle Bay due to the light wind conditions.  “Susan, if there isn’t enough fuel for everyone in Turtle Bay, how did you propose to get to Cabo? Row?” I conceded defeat to the Captain.

The gods of marital harmony heard my prayer. Just moments before I started to scream angry expletives at my honey, the wind picked up.  We were able to sail between four and six knots for the next 24 hours which in turn saved one quarter of the fuel capacity we have on board.  I wonder if he ever gets tired of being right?

Note:  I’m finding I am unable to upload photos due to the slow nature of the local internet.  I’m grateful I can even post to my blog.

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