Sunday, November 2, 2014 Another Day in Turtle Bay

Woke up: Bahia Tortugas, Mexico

Went to sleep: Bahia Tortugas, Mexico

Another Day in Turtle Bay  

The weather forecasts are conflicting. There’s high pressure moving in from the north with 15 to 20 knot winds and still Vance is undecided.

The morning roll call included a long discussion around various weather models and a roll call vote.  At least a quarter of the fleet wanted to stay another day in Turtle Bay. It was decided.  The fleet would hold over another day.

Jim and Linda Novel, Robin Foche, Bob, Pam and Eric from Piedemier III, folks we know from the Sauvie Island Yacht Club, wanted to meet for a group photo to send back to the club. We met at 11:30 am.  Krista and I brought hiking shoes and yoga mats in an effort to get some exercise after the photo shoot.

I’m working hard on my Spanish. As I learn new words and phrases, I write them in a notebook to help remember.  It’s fun for me to try to speak to the locals in their native language.  I would like to spend some time either volunteering at a school or day care for the purpose of learning Espanol and getting to know the people and their culture.

The four of us, Alex, Krista, Peter and me, seem to enjoy each other. We joke around and laugh a lot.  We make fun of Peter’s “dirty bombs” and the way I try to roll my “R’s” when pronouncing Spanish words.  We share the work load and compromise nicely in terms of food and activities.  We’re concerned when and how Alex and Krista will get back to Portland but they are taking it in stride.


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