Monday, November 3, 2014 On To Bahia Santa Maria

Woke up: Bahia Tortugas, Mexico

Went to sleep: Off the Coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico

Before I continue our story, I want to share a couple more fish photos.




Alex the Fish Slayer

On To Bahia Santa Maria

Monday morning, we weren’t going to let Roll Call cut into our plans for the day. Guessing the fleet would opt to stay another day in Turtle Bay, we were packing snacks, water, sun screen and toilet paper into our hiking bag.  At 9:00 am, just as we were loading everything into the dinghy, the Grand Poo Bah came on the radio.  “The Baja Fleet is leaving today for Bahia Santa Maria.  I repeat, the Baja Fleet is leaving today for Santa Maria.”


Leaving Turtle Bay

We scrambled to unload the snacks, water and sunscreen. Alex hurriedly dingied Krista and me to the pier for some last minute provisioning.  We’ll be out to sea a minimum of three days and two nights.  There is nothing in Santa Maria except a sandy beach.  No opportunity to buy food there.  If the weather worsens and we are forced to hole up for a few days, we’ll need more food.  We bought cabbage and potatoes, cookies and condensed milk.  By 10:00 am the Baja Fleet was underway once again.

Both the wind and the ocean were big and we left with one reef in the main. The average apparent wind was 15 knots across our aft quarter.  By late afternoon we had two reefs in the main and the jib partially furled in.  Our heading of 170 degrees would take us directly to our destination in 1-1/2 days.

Peter says the sea state was worse than usual. I think his memory is failing him.  I remember a number of trips down the Oregon Coast, having to brace myself with one foot against the kitchen faucet and my back against the silver ware drawer to stir a pot of pasta.  I clearly remember having to stand up AND pull my pants up in rhythm with an upward swell after using the head.  I remember all the coffee cups, dinnerware and pots and pans clanging to one side of the cupboard and clanging back again a few minutes later.  I wonder where he was on these previous passages?  In this case, the wind is lighter, the swell is shorter and I’m not encumbered with multiple layers of Lycra and fleece.  Piece of cake!

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