Thursday, November 20, 2014 Our Routine

Woke up: Ensenada de los Muertos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Went to sleep: Ensenada de los Muertos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Day Number 81

Our Routine

Three days anchored in Ensenada de los Muertas and we’ve established a routine.  It’s cooler here than Cabo with a nice breeze out of the north so I don’t have to worry and hurry in the morning to get some exercise.

Peter took me to shore and I found my spot on the sandy parking lot under the thatched roof next to the restaurant.  There I worked through every yoga pose I know taking extra time to open and stretch my neck, shoulders, back, hips, quads, glutes, calves and toes.

On my way back to the beach where Peter would pick me up, I struck up a conversation with Jim Duffy, age 87.  He retired from the City or Oakland Fire Department where for 30 years he was the marine pilot of a fire boat.  He showed me pictures.  For the past 10 years he’s spent winter in his RV in Mexico.  The snow and cold don’t agree with him.

Every morning he walks the beach and every other day he has a hand held weight routing for strengthening upper body.  Jim told me the secret is to stay interested in something.  Doesn’t matter what, just stay interested in something.

I don’t have time to swim back to Penelope today.  I’m having coffee with Linda aboard Ranadan at 11:30.  Peter delivered me to her boat which is anchored about 100 yards from us.  Another woman, Vandy, from Scoots was there, also.  Linda served coffee with ice cream.  Like a root beer float only with coffee instead of root beer.  Very tasty.

The three of us visited and got to know each other.  Where is home?  Do you have children?  What are your goals for this adventure?  What is the hardest part for you?  You know how women are.  We cut right to the meat in a hurry.

I realized how lucky I am having lived on Penelope for so long before we left.  I worked through the loss of my home in Bend several years ago.  Some of these women left their job, community, home, and family all at once.  At least for me, I didn’t have to give up my home.  Penelope has been my home for a very long time.  Every day at the end of the day I come below, make myself comfortable with a cold beverage and a book or newspaper and every day it just feels good to be home.

In the afternoon five of us, Linda, Jim, Vandy, Eric and me dinghied to a nearby reef and snorkeled around.  I love snorkeling.  What you can’t see from above, under the surface becomes magical once you stick your face in the water.  Two separate worlds; one above the water and one below.  A school of may 300 small silver fish swam right past my face.  I watched them swim by, so comfortable together.

Snorkling off the reef

Snorkling off the reef


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