Monday, November 24, 2014 Local Logistics

Woke up:  La Paz, Mexico

Went to sleep:  La Paz, Mexico

Local Logistics     

The slip we are in has been reserved for someone else tonight.  We may need to move or leave.  Moving or leaving normally wouldn’t be a problem but the wind is howling out of the northeast and getting out of the slip we are in could be tough.  Peter gets very nervous.  I was at the marina office at 8:00 am to determine our status.  Looks like we can stay another day.

Our slip at Marina de la Paz

Our slip at Marina de la Paz

First to the immigration office.  We took the initial steps toward acquiring temporary resident visas while still in Portland.  But, more needs to be done to actually get visas which will allow us to travel in and out of the country for four years.

We met with Salvador at immigration.  We’ll need a letter from the Marina de la Paz saying we live here – a letter of domicile.  We’ll need passport-like photos taken at a photo shop.  We’ll need $6,000 pesos, cash.  No checks, please.  We proceeded to get started on our list.  Letter from the marina – check.  Passport photos – check.  Six thousand pesos – check.

It took all day and miles of walking but we got it all.  Every step along the way we were anxious we might forget something or get the wrong thing or go to the wrong place.  It takes both of us, together, paying attention, asking questions, and hearing between the lines to get it done.  We were proud of ourselves and relieved as it slowly came together.  We’ll need to return in one to two weeks for finger printing and can expect to have our visas 5 days later.  Fabulous!

While we wait for our visas we’re going to sail out to Isla Partida and Isla Espiritu Santo and anchor in the many beautiful coves found there.

Book Store

I found the most awesome book store!  (And, as most of you know, I use that word sparingly.)  This book store, Allende Books, on Independencia and G. Prieto, here in La Paz, had exactly what I was looking for.  I purchased The Conquest of New Spain, J. M. Cohen, The Log from the Sea of Cortez, John Steinbeck, Pacific Mexico – A Cruiser’s Guidebook, Breeding and Bansmer, and Spanish for Gringos Level One.

I’ve discovered now that I’m retired, it’s okay to lay in the hammock and read a good book.  It’s delightful!


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