Saturday, November 22, 2014 Puerto Balandra

Woke up:  Playa la Bonanza, Isla Espiritu Santo

Went to sleep:  La Paz, Mexico

Puerto Balandra     

Without taking a day to rest, we travelled on to La Paz.  We had intended to spend a night at Puerto Balandra, but, our friends, Ed and Melinda, aboard Lorien, had spent last night there and reported it was like riding a hobby horse all night.

More often than not, the winds blow from the north in this part of the world.  But, last night the wind (and ocean swell) was coming from the southwest.  Puerto Balandra faces south west.  We know what that is like and since the forecast was for more of the same we briefly dropped anchor, took a few minutes to “ew” and “ah” at the beauty of it and motored into La Paz, 12 miles away.

puerto balandra 2

El Hongo


Marina de la Paz

Marina de la Paz is the cruiser’s mecca of Mexico.  We have heard stores of many couples who get as far as La Paz and never go further.  The marina is delightful.  It’s not the newest or the fanciest marina on the Bahia de La Paz but it’s certainly most accommodating.  For the very low price of $37 per night we have Wi Fi, potable water, electricity, laundry, a convenience store, a restaurant, showers a book exchange and easy access to the municipal bus stop.  I could live here!

The restaurant at Marina de la Paz

The restaurant at Marina de la Paz

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