Sunday, November 23, 2014 Much To Do

Much To Do     

We have a number of important administrative tasks to address while in La Paz.  The duration of our stay here will be determined buy how long these tasks take to complete.  But, we found little is open on Sunday in Mexico.  The marina office, the port captain, immigration, and even the book store are all closed.

As per my typical M.O., I had the laundry washed, dried and put away before 9:00 am.  Now what?

We walked along the malecon, a tiled walkway following the bay, for several miles.

The malecon

The malecon

Bare Foot

I have never gone barefoot.  I never wanted the bottoms of my feet to look like my mountain bike tires.  But, now I do and soon they will.   Sometimes it’s too hot to put on socks but mostly it’s just so comfortable without shoes.  Bye Bye silky soft feet.


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