Tuesday, November 25, 2014 Good Morning, La Paz!

Woke up:  La Paz, Mexico

Went to sleep:  La Paz, Mexico

“Good Morning, La Paz!”     

Reminiscent of the movie, Good Morning, Vietnam, Mike, from Club Cruiceros, came on the VHF radio, Channel 22 Alpha, at 8:00 am for the “Net”.  “Good Morning, La Paz and Good Morning, Fleet!” he clamored.

He started with a call for emergency medical.  A gentleman with a broken tooth asked if anyone knew of a good dentist.  From there he moved on to tides and the weather.  The weather summary and forecast is one of the best we’ve heard since California.

Can anyone take the mail to the mainland?  Sarah, on Destiny, said she would be going tomorrow.  Have your mail at the club house with the appropriate U.S. postage and it will be posted in San Diego.

They reported the exchange rate for pesos, euros etc.  Next, Arrivals and Departures.  “If you are new to the area, please state your name and your boat name so we can get to know you.”

Later, a reminder, “It’s not too late to sign up for the Thanksgiving potluck.  We need volunteers to carve turkeys starting at 1:00 pm.”  I’ve heard they are expecting over 200 of us.

They announced the General Meeting of the club would be later today at La Costa Restaurant.  The speaker, Alex, has sailed the Sea of Cortez for many years and has tips and tricks for cruising in the Sea.  This was followed by Rides and Crew, Bay Watch, Lost & Found, Local Assistance and Swaps and Trades.  Peter got on the radio to indicate he was looking for an anchor for our dinghy.  Within minutes Jim from Ranadan called back to say he had one we could have.   The dinghy anchor will allow us to take the dinghy to an isolated reef for snorkeling without having to go to the beach.  Just anchor the dinghy and jump in.

The dinghy anchor

The dinghy anchor

The morning Net is an invaluable tool for expatriates living in La Paz.  I dropped in on a yoga class, attended the General Meeting and found a doctor for Peter’s ankle as a result of this service.

Peter is in Deep Doo Doo

Peter is gimped up

Peter’s gimped up

My husband has the mistaken impression his body is made of steel.  He’s had this belief for years.

You may remember the brutal thrashing we took between Bahia Los Frailes and Ensenada de los Muertos.  If you remember, Peter insisted on standing at the helm all day.  He had himself braced against the (wooden) cockpit without shoes while Penelope leapt over and through the waves.

Tuesday his knee and his ankle were swollen.  I encouraged him to elevate it, apply ice, and take ibuprofen, with little results.  A week later, his ankle and knee were still swollen.

I used the Directory of Services from the www.clubcruiceros.net to find an orthopedist.  At 2:00 pm Peter took a taxi to the doctor.  Following an examination and ultra sound it was diagnosed as a torn ligament.  They prescribed a strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic ointment, ice, elevate it and stay off it for two weeks.  Poor Peter.

We had been told the cost of medical treatment in Mexico was reasonable.  Today we learned first hand.  The total cost, including the taxi, who waited while he was at the doctor, the examination/ultra sound, diagnosis, and prescription was $85.  And the lesson Peter, hopefully, has learned is priceless.   

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