Sunday, November 30, 2014 More Than Sun and Beach

Woke up:  Balandra, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Went to sleep:  Balandra, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Mas Que Sol Y Playa (More Than Sun and Beach)     

I picked up a newspaper in Mexico called the Gringo Gazette.  Its audience is expatriates, like us, and tourists.  It is printed in Ingles, of course, and offers news, articles of interest and current events relevant to La Paz, Cabo and the country in general.  As I was devouring the current edition of the Gringo Gazette, I noticed a classified ad:  “Help Wanted. Writers for the Gringo Gazette.”  My new dream job!

We were anchored in Balandra.  As I finished my yoga practice on the beach, I noticed a bunch of people setting up tents and displays on the opposite shore.  Peter took me closer so I could read the signs.  Mas Que Sol Y Playa or More than Sun and Beach.  I went back to the boat and got a notepad and the camera.  I asked Peter to drop me off and I would radio him when I wanted to be picked up.  “Si!  Senorita!” he said.

A Celebration on Balandra

A Celebration on Balandra

I stood on the edge of the crowd and watched for a while.  Then I approached a Caucasian looking man and asked what the party was about.  He pointed me toward the organizers.  I walked up to the Executive Director of Niparaja and introduced myself as a reporter for the Gringo Gazette.  Two hours later I left with the story.

This evening I responded to the Help Wanted Ad.  I sent the editor a sample of my work.  She wrote back describing the role and compensation package for a reporter.  She suggested if I have an idea for a story I should run the idea past her first.  If she gives me the green light she will pay me for the piece.  I asked if she was interested in the event I had attended at Balandra.  She said, “Yes.  Make it 800 words.”

At last!  I have a job.



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