Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Hiking to Bonanza

Woke up:  Isle Espiritu Santo, Mexico

Went to sleep:  Isla Espiritu Santo, Mexico

Hiking to Bonanza

I picked up the VHF radio at 7:30 am.  “Lorien.  Lorien.  Lorien.  This is Penelope on 22 Alpha.  Do you copy?  Over.”

That’s how we hail each other.  This goes on all day long.  Once you are acknowledged, both parties switch to a different channel to have their conversation.

What’s fun is to hear someone you know hail someone else and then follow them to the second channel and listen to their conversation.

This morning, I rallied Diane, Melinda and Sue to go hiking with me.  Peter played chauffeur.  We picked up Diane from her boat, Restless.  Then we swung by to retrieve Melinda from Lorean.  Finally, we stopped by Alli Oop to pick up Sue.  Peter took us all to shore and I carried the hand held VHF to call him when we were ready to be picked up.

It was a lovely injection of female energy.  We walked and talked for four hours.  This took us across the width of Isle Espiritu Santo to Playa Bonanza and back again.

Hiking to Bonanza

Hiking to Bonanza


All of my friends enjoy Mexican food, especially burritos.  But, who among you knows the origination of the burrito?

During the Mexican Revolution (1910 – 1921) a man named Juan Mendez operated a food stall in his home of Ciudad Juarez.  To keep the food hot he filled large wheat tortillas with meat, beans and rice and placed them in mats.  As his menu became more popular he bought a donkey to transport food across the Rio Grande.  The Spanish word for donkey is burro.  In Spanish, anything small is denoted by adding an “ito” to the end of the word.  Both Mexicans and Americans began asking for the guy with the little donkey – the Burrito.


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