Friday, December 12, 2014 Checking In

Woke up:  Ensenada Grande, Isle Partido, Mexico

Went to sleep:  Ensenada Gabriele, Mexico

Checking In

After a week without cell service or internet, I asked Peter to take me back to Ensenada Gabriele this morning.  There we are in site of a Tel Cel tower and using the Banda Macha we get internet on the laptop.

Once there, Peter was able to call his mom, dad and two children.  I spoke with my mom and my sister, Lisa.

I learned, via the internet, the article I wrote for the Gringo Gazette will be on the newsstands on Monday.  I also learned our Mexico nautical charts are in at La Paz Yachts and our visas are available for pick up at immigration.  We’ll return to La Paz, once again, on Sunday or Monday.

It’s a good thing, too, as we are completely out of everything!  No cookies!  No chips!  No cerveza!  Time to head in.

Making an Anchoring Decision

My husband has a very difficult time making an anchoring decision.  During the Baja Ha Ha I found it a little embarrassing.  Over a hundred boats anchored in the bay and Peter insists on driving up and down each row, in and out between each boat.  Typically, he would end up the furthest boat from the shore.  I’ve gotten used to it.  I know now he has to completely scope out a new anchorage before he can make an anchoring decision.  I simply continue whatever I’m doing – reading, cooking, cleaning and ask him to call me when he’s finally ready.

While I’m on the subject . . . Peter does more work than any of the other skippers in the fleet.  He insists on taking the entire dodger down every time we’re under way.  He says the dodger reduces his visibility.  He insists on washing the outboard motor with fresh water at the end of each day.  He furthermore insists on removing the outboard motor from the dinghy, mounting it on the hand rail and raising the dinghy out of the water either with a halyard or onto its davits each night.  I get exhausted just watching him do all this extra work, but, he says it’s necessary.


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