Sunday, December 14, 2014 Lazy Day

Woke up:  Ensenada Gabriele, Isle Spiritu Santo, Mexico

Went to sleep:  Ensenada Gabriele, Isle Spiritu Santo, Mexico

Lazy Day

Everyone wanted to do yoga this morning.  I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy teaching it.  I’ve discovered a style I feel comfortable with and people seem to enjoy.

I was a little off today, though.  I have a lot on my mind.

Our visa are in.  The new debit card has arrived.  The nautical charts are waiting to be picked up.  There is nothing left on the list to keep us in La Paz.

Do We Stay or Do We Go – The Essence of Cruising

I think today we discovered the essence of cruising life.  We’ve been in or around La Paz for nearly a month.  I’ve learned which stores I like to shop at.  Peter knows they pick up the LP tanks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We have our friends Ed, Melinda, J.D., Jake, John, Sue and many others to call on for good times or trouble.

Our plan, though, had been to be in Barra De Navidad, 500 miles away, for Christmas.  To do that means provisioning, making ready the boat, saying so long to new found friends, checking out with the Port Captain and undertaking a 5 to 6 day passage.

Alternatively, we can skip Barra De Navidad, skip the mainland, and stay in La Paz.

Marina de la Paz

Marina de la Paz

Do We Stay Or Do We Go?

Are we real cruisers who want to see and try and do all we can while we can or do we stay where it is easy, safe and comfortable?

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