Thursday, December 18, 2014 So Long, My Cruising Friends

Woke up: La Paz, Baha California Sur, Mexico

Went to sleep: La Paz, Baha California Sur, Mexico

 So Long, My Cruising Friends

My last day in Mexico for a while. I’m excited to spend time with my family and my friends, of course, but I’ll miss my home aboard Penelope and Peter, too. This is a long time to be apart and we’ll miss our 21st wedding anniversary together.

In the evening we joined Ed, Melinda, Jake, J.D., John and Ofilia for fish tacos and margaritas. It may be the last time I ever see our new friends. John and Ofilia are leaving for P.V. on Tuesday and Ed and Melinda will be on their way there when I return. Ed and Melinda and the boys are doing the “puddle jump” (Mexico to the south Pacific) this year so it may be hard to catch up with them.

The relationships we make are unique and powerful. We help and encourage each other along the way. Melinda gave me a pair of swet pants so I would have something warm to wear home. I gave her my extra MP3 player to use when she runs. Ed gave us a DC powered fan and Peter gave him a 30 to 50 amp power adapter.

The folks we meet while “cruising” become fast friends. We immensely enjoy each other for the time we have. Most likely after a few days or a few weeks we’ll sail off in different directions. We may never meet again; it’s a big ocean out there. But, you can be sure, if we do meet again it’ll be like we never missed a beat. Few people can really know what this cruising life looks and feels like. We will always have that shared experience and I treasure my fellow cruisers.

After I return from Idaho and we travel on down the coast I can trust I will find myself in a new conversation, “And, where are you from?”



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