Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Ahh, those wholesome endorphins!

Woke up:  La Paz, Baja Sur California, Mexico

Went to sleep:  La Paz, Baja Sur California, Mexico

Ahhh, those wholesome endorphins! 

A ran along the malecon with my friend, Melinda, this morning. It felt great! After being a runner for over 30 years my knees won’t put up with it more than once a week. But, I love it when my knees will let me run.

Jogging along the Malacon

Jogging along the Malacon

Later we walked to the Mercado.


Provisioning for Peter while I’m away looks a lot different than provisioning for the two of us. He won’t cook. He might grill some chicken or fish or sausages on the barbeque and that will be his dinner. He might make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but more likely he’ll just eat peanut butter out of the jar and skip the jelly.

I bought eggs and broccoli and made him promise he would not let them spoil. We’ll see. I filled the cupboards with cheese, crackers, cookies, pop and beer. He’ll be in hog heaven, being a bachelor for a month.

We finally got our resident visas. We learned that by being a temporary resident of Mexico we’re entitled to purchase federal health insurance. For about $300 per year we’ll be able to walk into any doctor at any time for treatment. No deductible. No co-pay. Completely covered by the Mexican government.  Please don’t be offended by the Mexican flag.  I’m a temporary guest in their country and grateful for the opportunity.


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2 Responses to Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Ahh, those wholesome endorphins!

  1. Rhonda Freeman says:

    Hi Susan,

    Was hoping your mother lived in Portland, so we could visit but Idaho is a long way away. Have been really enjoying your posts, great job! Anyhow, hope you have a fantastic time visiting with you mom, have a wonderful Christmas.



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