Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Today we obtained Mexican health insurance.  Once we went through the time, trouble and expense to get resident visas we became eligible.  Our agent, Salvador, escorted us through the process.  For $200 per year (for both of us) we have full coverage provided by the Mexican government.  Obviously, we won’t know how good it is until one of us has an illness or an injury but according to Salvador all we have to do is present our insurance card at the clinic – for minor issues – or at the hospital – for serious concerns – and we will be fully covered.  No co-payment.  No deductible.   It’s an amazing relief to have health insurance once again.


I left Peter in Mexico with 4,000 pesos or about $350 dollars.  He ate everything that wasn’t bolted down.  Today we walked 7-1/2 miles to the Super Walmart and loaded up the cart.  The taxi cost $8 to bring us and a trunk full of groceries home again.  We are well provisioned and ready to head on down the road.

Our Next Destination 

Tomorrow morning Peter will hand me a cup of coffee and I’ll stumble out into the cockpit with eyes half open while he weighs anchor.  I’ll wake up and start some breakfast while we sail to Ensenada Gabrielle on the Isle Espiritu Santo.  We intend to spend one night there although a north wind is predicted and we may need to wait there until things settle down.  The current plan is to sail to Bahia de los Muertos on Friday and on to Los Frailes on Saturday.   This gets us within striking range of Zehuatanejo.  From Los Frailes it will be a five day passage across the Sea of Cortez to mainland Mexico and south to “Z-Town”.  We would like to go straight there without stopping.  Stopping anywhere along the mainland coast costs money and takes time.  It’s easier to get into our watch routine and just keep going.

We hope to be in Zehau by January 31st where we’ll hook up with our friends, Mark and Deanna, and participate in “Z-fest” the first week of February.  I’ll keep a summary of our 10 day passage and update you then.  You can watch our movement on the free downloadable software Marine Traffic.  Search for our AIS number which is MMSI 367562350.  Be well.

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