Friday, January 23, 2015 It’s Cold in Mexico


Woke up:  Bahia de Las Muertos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Went to sleep:  Bahia de Las Muertos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

It’s Cold in Mexico

The temperature in the boat this morning was 70 degrees.  Little did I know, it’s cold in Mexico in January!  A far cry from when we were here in Muertos last November and it was too hot to go for a walk except in the shade.  Following our 10 hour sail yesterday we are taking a rest day today.

I pulled out the unused pressure cooker I bought while still in Portland and read the instructions cover to cover.  I haven’t used a pressure cooker before and really prefer NOT to blow up the boat.  It says here I can cook the beans I soaked overnight in 3 – 4 minutes. Wow!  I selected a recipe from The Boat Galley Cookbook, by Shearlock and Irons, for Southwestern Chicken, Beans and Rice.  I think I’ll try it tonight.

Yesterday, Peter was horrified when he noticed one of four bolts holding the dinghy davets in place had sheared off.  He used a vise scrip to hold it together temporarily but this morning he immediately set about replacing the bolts.  Following careful consideration, he decided the 1/4–inch bolts he had used when he constructed the thing where not adequate.  This led to the decision to drill larger holes and replace the original bolts with 3/8 inch.


Now that our projects are complete, I think we’ll go to shore for a long walk down the road and back, followed by a good stretch.  Peter’s back is hurting him so much from the mattress accident he has actually agreed to try some yoga as a last resort.  Then we’ll pop into the restaurant for a margarita while we use their Wi-Fi.  Peter wants to download updated weather forcasts and I want to get these last two blogs out to all of you.

Tomorrow we venture on to Los Frailes.


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1 Response to Friday, January 23, 2015 It’s Cold in Mexico

  1. Rhonda Freeman says:

    Hi Susan,

    I was so nervous for you guys reading the passage post. Sounds like quite the adventure, I’m always so relieved when I get to the part you made it and all is well. Sounds like you guys are getting back into your routine. It was so good to see you during your visit, that totally made my day! Even though we are all doing “fine” without you, I can’t wait until the next time you get homesick and come and visit.. By the way, I re-read some of the older posts and not one word about the “mattress accident”, are you holding out on us or not allowed to talk about it…LOL

    Talk to you later,



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