Monday, January 26, 2015 Back in the Tropics

Woke up:    Latitude: 21 02’ north, Longitude: 106 52’ west, Northern hemisphere

Went to sleep:  Latitude: 19 41’ north, Longitude: 105 31’ west, Northern hemisphere

Back in the Tropics

I woke up from my 8:00 am to 12:00 pm rest to blue sky, blue water, temperature 85 degrees and 83% humidity.  We’re clearly back in the tropics and our latitude, 19 degrees north, proves it.  I believe Hawaii is about 20 degrees north.  Time to pull out the SPF 50.

A couple of sea lions floated by.  Languidly sleeping on their backs, mouths fallen open.  Down below, ironically, Peter is in the exact same position.

The tone of our trip transforms over time.  Saturday morning, as we slowly motored out of Bahia los Muertos and waved good-bye to Mark and Joni, we both felt a little anxious.  A long passage, three nights underway, and an unfamiliar destination each contribute to a certain apprehension.

Peter and I slip into a new way of being together.  We easily empathize with the feelings of the other.  A little scared, a little excited, followed by sleep deprived, tired, battered and bruised, uncomfortable, and stinky.  We each try to be thoughtful, patient and considerate of the other.  Peter says we have a “working” relationship while underway.  We each have our jobs to do.  I keep meals, snacks, and coffee coming and keep the galley tidy.  He reefs and unreefs the sails, enters way points and considers the timing and safety of our course relative to weather and known hazards.  We interact primarily at shift changes.  He reports what he’s observed in terms of wind and sea state. I inform him what is available for breakfast/lunch/dinner down below.

Now on day three, the end is in sight.  One more night at sea.  We should arrive in Bahia Tenacatita tomorrow about first light.  Once you know what’s required, the chore feels less daunting.

We’ve decided to take 2 nights and a full day rest in Bahia Tenacatita before our final 200 mile push to Zihuatanejo.  Our moods are completely changed.  In lieu of anxiety, apprehension and dread, we feel peaceful and accomplished.  We know in about 18 hours this boat will come to rest and so will we.

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