Sunday, January 25, 2015 Oh, What a Sail!

Woke up:         Latitude: 22 40’ north, Longitude: 108 15’ west,

Pacific Ocean, Northern hemisphere

Went to sleep: Latitude: 21 13’ north, Longitude: 106 59’ west,

Pacific Ocean, Northern hemisphere

Oh, What a Sail!

I came on watch at 8:00 pm.  We’d been running the engine most of the day trying to scamper across the Sea of Cortez to the mainland side of Mexico to avoid being caught out here with our proverbial pants down.  There is big wind predicted for Monday or Tuesday and the further south we are the better off we’ll be.

The entire day was overcast without a single ray of sun which makes life feel ominous out here in the middle of this vast body of water with no land in sight.

Just after 8:00 pm, I noticed the wind was 12 – 17 knots, apparent, solidly on our aft quarter.  I eased back on the throttle ever so gradually just the way Peter has taught me.  Once out of gear and confident the wind alone would carry us at just over 6 knots, I killed the engine.

Ahhhhhh, blessed quiet.  For the next 15 hours the wind held at 12 knots, 17 knots, 12 knots, 14 knots, never changing direction.  Penelope did what she loves most – sail.  The only sound was a playful ocean splashing against her hull.  Penelope and the ocean frolicking through the night.

For those of you who sail on the Columbia River, you may have a hard time getting your head around the notion of one single port tack for 600 miles but, that is exactly what this crossing may be.

I should note, for your information, sometime in the night I heard a conversation between locals on the VHF radio.  I asked Peter to turn off the transmit feature on our AIS.  I decided I didn’t want to announce our location from the middle of the sea in the middle of the night to nearby strangers.

Once again, no sun today.  Damn!  What’s the deal?  This is Mexico, after all.  But, during the night a dozen or so squid and 4-inch flying fish jumped on board.  This morning Peter gathered them up for bait.  “No! No! No!  Not in my freezer, you don’t!”

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