Friday, January 30, 2015

Woke up:         Melaque, Bahia de Navidad, Mexico

Went to sleep: Underway

Hola, Amigos!

One of the first couples we met so many months ago was Mark and Deanna Roosenthal.  Hailing from Victoria, B.C., they are cruising aboard a 42’ catamaran.

We first met Mark and Deanna in Morro Bay, OR sometime last September.  Mark is one of those whiz bang computer geeks and he came on board Penelope one afternoon to help me complete the on-line application for Penelope’s Mexican Temporary Import Permit (which allows her to be in the country for up to ten years.)  Keeping in mind, the daunting paperwork challenges heading into this adventure, Mark was my hero that day.

We spent five days together at the wonderful Morro Bay Yacht Club waiting for a weather window which would enable us to round Point Conception.

The four of us hooked up again in Two Harbors on Catalina Island.  At that time they took our suggestion and booked 11 nights at the Chula Vista Marina, as we had done, also.

In Chula Vista, Deanna and I provisioned for the Baja.  They were welcoming four crew on board and we were having two.  She and I discussed menus and food preparation.  When we were not walking back and forth to the stores, we enjoyed several afternoons by the pool and a couple of margaritas, too.

Mark and Deanna crossed over to Puerta Vallarta soon after the Baja.  We haven’t seen them since the first week of November.  We are approximately 80 miles from Zihautanejo and with a little luck, Penelope will be anchored alongside Speakeasy some time tomorrow.

About Susan M. Gierga

Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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