Saturday, January 31, 2015

Woke up:         Underway

Went to sleep: Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Morning Watch

Sometimes watching the sun rise is just too spectacular to miss taking a picture.  I wish I had a camera that did her due justice.


I don’t mind my 4:00 am to 8:00 am watch.  It’s fascinating to observe the subtle metamorphous of night to day.  First, a glow far off on the horizon which could be mistaken for a far off town if not for it’s location over the ocean.  Then, the stars, one by one, say, “Bye, bye” and disappear from site.  Slowly, you become aware you can see things laying around that used to be hidden in darkness.

There are an infinite number of ways the sun greets the day depending on the cloud formations lying upon the horizon.  Each day is completely different.  No two days are ever alike.

Today there were dense, heavy clouds.  It looked like the sun was having to clamber its way upward to finally climb above them.  But, now the sun is three fingers above the horizon and no clouds are anywhere in site.  I guess we know who’s boss around here.

Here in the tropics, everything gets so damp through the night.  As the sun slowly heats up the day, I watch the cockpit wood change from dark brown to light brown.

I hear Peter clanging around down below.  He must be getting ready to come out to begin his watch.  Even after only four hours sleep I feel very vibrant and alive.  So much to be excited about.  We’ll be in Zihuatanejo for three weeks.  A good long time to get acquainted.

My good friend, Carol from Molokai, will be joining us for five days.  That should be a hoot!  Then we’ll slowly make our way north along the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico.  We intend to anchor at each and every breathtaking, magnificent bay along the way.  We have until June 1 to be north of latitude 27 degrees for hurricane season.  Those pesky insurance companies.

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Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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