Wednesday, February 4, 2014 Structure

Woke up:         Zihuatanejo, Michoacan, Mexico

Went to sleep: Zihuatanejo, Michoacan, Mexico


Only three days here in Bahia Zihuatanajo, and I’ve established a routine.

After coffee and the radio net in the morning, I like to be on my long morning walk by 9:00 am.

I take my dictionary and approach locals with random questions just to start a conversation in Spanish.  “Tiene usted un buen dia?” (How’s your day going?) or “ Donde es Playa la Ropa”? (Where is Playa la Ropa?)  Before long I have them writing words and phrases into my notebook.

I want to be able to talk to these people.

After my walk, I’m committing two hours of  study to my Espanol.  I’m using a book, Spanish for Gringos, Level One by William C. Harvey.  It’s clear to me the language side of my brain doesn’t work.  It mostly goes in one ear and out the other.  Perhaps if I remember one word a day I’ll be fluent in 8 – 10 years.

Once I’ve completed my schoolwork, I love to write for our blog.  That’s my reward after doing my studies.  Later in the afternoon I go out and play.  I don’t like to be out there in the hottest part of the day.  It’s cool and peaceful down here.  And once again I’ve created a structure.

Peter is perfectly happy to row around in his Dinghy.  He says he’s fishing but, I know the truth.


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