Saturday, February 14, 2015 Carol Takes a Thrashing

Woke up:                     Isle Grande, Michoacan, Mexico

Went to sleep:             Zihuatanejo, Michoacan, Mexico

Carol Takes a Thrashing

The wind started to pick up about 6:00 am.  Soon the boat was rocking front to back and side to side.  We hadn’t expected this.  While waiting for the coffee to perk, Peter was scrambling around on deck retrieving windblown towels and swimming suits drying on the line from the previous day.

Just after 7:00 am Peter announced conditions were deteriorating and we were leaving.  Another sail boat anchored to our port was in the process of pulling anchor, also.  With the boat pitching wildly forward and backward, we got the anchor up and motored into big seas on the north side of Isle Grande.

Just as we were getting underway, Peter and I heard an unfamiliar clang.  “What was that noise?” I asked.  “I don’t know.” Peter said.  We both looked around to see if we could find anything amiss.  “Oh, no!  The dinghy!”  Much to our amazement, the 1/2-inch nylon line which was towing the dinghy had snapped in two.  The dinghy was adrift behind us!

Broken tow line

Fortunately, we were able to turn Penelope around, circle back and grab the dinghy with the boat hook.  With me at the helm, Peter struggled to rig up a new tow line.

Soon we were again underway.  Carol said, “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.”  I said, “Just hold on and don’t fall down!”  I guess Carol didn’t yet grasp the relevance of my suggestion.  A few minutes later, she was attempting to grope her way up the companionway stairs, the boat lurched unexpectedly and she ended up on her butt with coffee splattered all over her clean white T-shirt.  Suddenly, “Hold on and don’t fall down,” had personal significance.  Luckily she wasn’t hurt.

We motored around the north side of the island.  Once we turned south again the wind was coming from behind us, the waves were working with us and things settled down.  A very short time later, we anchored up, back in Bahia de Zihuatanejo, happy to be home.

Carol and I went to town.  We had discussed Valentine’s Day in Mexico and wondered whether or not Mexicans celebrate this Hallmark Holiday.  At the time we concluded we didn’t know.  Once in town, though, the answer was clear.  Everywhere men and women were carrying bouquets of crimson red roses, helium balloons and small boxes with stuffed animals, each proclaiming an undying love for the intended Valentine.  The town was a frenzy.  Everyone hurrying this way and that way to deliver their gifts or get ready for the evening’s festivities.

In the town square a band stand and speakers were being erected.

We dressed in our Saturday night best and were seated for dinner at 6:30 pm.


DSC01648Carol had her heart set on Mexican red wine.  The proprietor said, “I just received a delivery.  I will send someone to the warehouse to get a bottle for you.”  Within a few minutes we were sipping a fine Mexican merlot.

After dinner, walking back to the dinghy, the entertainment in the town square was in full swing.  There were over 500 locals – very few Gringos.  They come with their children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the rest of the extended family to the square.  They meet up with friends.  The young girls check out the young men while pretending they aren’t.  The younger children roam the crowd freely with their friends.



It’s a safe and fun environment to listen to music, dance off dinner and celebrate Saint Valentine, the patron saint of amor.

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1 Response to Saturday, February 14, 2015 Carol Takes a Thrashing

  1. Sue Allworth says:

    Just want you to know how much I’m enjoying your adventure! Retirement isn’t in the near future for me so I live vicariously through others. You two seem to be doing it right!


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