Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Pulling My Weight

Woke up:                     Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico

Went to sleep:             Underway

Pulling My Weight  

All the while we have been anchored in Bahia de Zihuatanejo Peter has kept a stern anchor deployed.  The stern anchor, which extends off the back of the boat, of course, keeps the boat pointing into the desired direction.  If not for the stern anchor, Penelope would rotate on her bow anchor like a pony on a stake at the whim of the wind and the current.

Peter places the stern anchor, a 23-pound Fortress, into the dinghy and motors off to a location behind Penelope and, when deployed, the anchor pulls her around into the direction he wants her to lie.  The intent is to keep the bow of Penelope pointing into the swell so she rocks fore and aft, not fore and aft/side to side.  The result is much more comfort while at anchor.  Now we are leaving and the stern anchor must be retrieved.

Once the coffee was on to perk, Peter splashed the dinghy from its nighttime storage location, suspended by a halyard above deck, and left in the dinghy to raise the stern anchor from its soft, sandy bed below the water.

I decided to surprise him.  Instead of rolling over to sleep some more, I got up and got dressed.  I proceeded to check the engine oil, fill in the Log Book, uncover and turn on the instruments, disengage the anchor alarm, turn on the windless and prepare him a cup of coffee for upon his return.  He was so surprised!  For once I decided to pull my weight around here.

I helped him strap the stern anchor to the stern pulpit and raise the outboard motor from the dinghy to its underway home mounted along the hand rail.  While he raised the bow anchor and got the anchor chain flaked and stowed in the anchor locker, I drove us out of the bay, following our inbound path recorded by the GPS.  We were underway soon after 8:00 am.

The water is as flat as two pancakes.

The only disruption in the calm flat ocean is the protruding back of an occasional sea turtle.  Too bad the sea turtles don’t jump or frolic to entertain me on my watch.

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