Monday, February 23, 2015 Debbie’s Birthday

Woke up:                     Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Went to sleep:            Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Debbie’s Birthday

Today we are moving from our lovely anchorage in front of Las Hadas Resort to Bahia De Santiago.  We’re crashing Debbie’s birthday party.

Several years ago, while vacationing on the Big Island, Hawaii, Peter happened upon a couple, Jeff and Debbie, living aboard their 40-foot Baba.  At that time, Peter loved finding people who were living his dream of cruising.  Jeff and Debbie quickly rose to the top in his quest for viable heroes.  While in Hawaii, the four of us sat aboard Sailor’s Run and got to know each other over poo poos and Cervezas.

Debbie reported at that time she was “done sailing!”  She had promised Jeff she would go for 15 years.  Well, fifteen years was up and she was going home.  In a few days they would sail from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to San Francisco, California and she was getting off.

Today is Debbie’s birthday.  She is still on board and there is a party at La Cangrejo’s.

I recognized her right away.  Black hair, small in stature, exotic Spanish-American coloring, and welcoming smiles, hugs and kisses for all.

She didn’t recognize me at first, of course.  After several years and thousands of miles I can’t begin to estimate how many people she’s met and welcomed into her life.  She recognized Peter, though.  Dashing, debonair, Peter.


The party was a success.  At least eight sail boats, previously anchored in Las Hadas, had weighed anchor and travelled around the corner to Santiago to help Debbie celebrate her birthday and wish her well.

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