Thursday, February 26, 2015 Getting to Know the Locals

Woke up:                     Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Went to sleep:            Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Getting to Know the Locals

This morning I found a grassy place, out of the way, to practice yoga.  I had been at it about 30 minutes when an elderly Spanish man rambled over from across the road.  He began speaking to me in Spanish, telling me a lot of very interesting stuff, waving his arms and gesturing all around us.  I didn’t understand a word he said.  The only thing I knew for sure:  I was probably on his property.

I smiled saying, “Si. Si. Gracias. Si.” a lot and he rambled off.  I continued my practice watching him rake the dirt in front of his casa out of the corner of my ojo.

A few minutes later he slowly approached me carrying a chair which he offered to me.  Perhaps he thought I looked like I needed to sit down.

After yoga, I walked to our favorite palapa and settled in at a comfortable mesa to work on my Espanol.  I ordered a botella de aqua grande and began a conversation with the waiter.  He wanted to know what language he should use to great the customers.  In exchange, he helped me with some basic Spanish vocabulary.

Peter arrived to retrieve me and we motored home for a short siesta.

About 4:00 pm Peter said, “Would you like to go to shore for a walk on the beach?”  I said, “Yes, let’s go.”

It turned into a lovely 6 mile round trip walk.  We got home just before dark.  We made tacos de pescado with a pescado Peter caught this morning.

Peter's little cravel jack

Peter’s little cravel jack

After dinner we settled back to read.  I am reading The Gentle Tamers Women of the Old West and Peter is reading Jeff’s book about his trip around Cape Horn.

Let’s see?  Which sounds more challenging?  Walking from St. Louis to Oregon pushing a hand cart with all your belongings or sailing a 40-foot ketch around the southern tip of South America?  Personally, I think I’d rather walk across the prairie, but, you decide and let me know.

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