Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Hiking to the Drug Lord’s Mansion on the Hill

Woke up:                     Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Went to sleep:            Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Hiking to the Drug Lord’s Mansion on the Hill

This morning a group of us left early in the day to hike to the drug lord’s mansion on the hill.  A drug lord named Caro Quintero purchased the mansion from an American.  Caro operated a drug cartel, exporting cocaine and marijuana to the United States, from this house.  One day the Mexican government swooped in with helicopters and carried Caro off to prison.  The Mexican government took ownership of the mansion.  Vandals removed everything of value from the home except the exterior structure.  Now tourists walk up to see the view from the veranda.  It’s a good little 4.5 mile hike up and back.

Santiago from the mansion

Santiago from the mansion

After our hike we stopped at Ramada Jaiaja for lemonade and tacos de pescado.  We whiled away a couple of hours before returning home to take a siesta and get ready for dinner.

Debbie and Jeff Hartjoy

Debbie and Jeff Hartjoy

Just after 4:00 pm, Peter went over to Sailor’s Run to fetch Jeff and Debbie.  I had made my famous spaghetti sauce and Debbie brought a lovely salad.

We are fascinated with these people who have lived aboard their boat for 20 years, travelled 10’s of thousands of miles, know 100’s of people, sailed through all kinds of weather and are here sitting at our table.

We talked well past “cruiser’s midnight” (9:00 pm) and Peter took them home.

Debbie agreed to let me interview her for my blog.  Stay tuned. . .

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