Saturday, February 28, 2015 Another Busy Day

Woke up:                     Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Went to sleep:             Santiago, Colima, Mexico

Another Busy Day

Four or five dinghies motored from their respective sailboats to Playa Boquita just before  9 am.  Today is the outdoor market in Santiago.  Ten of us boarded the bus to downtown.

The bus to Santiago

The bus to Santiago

Peter and I are so not interested in shopping.  We went along to spend time with the other cruisers, to see downtown Santiago and to learn the location of the Saturday Market.

We walked up and down each aisle to get an overview of the merchandise.  A lot of the same stuff at different stalls.  Pottery, T-shirts, summer dresses, movie DVDs, and fresh produce.

The vendors trying to sell their wares can be a little annoying.  They are like flies, waiting to pounce on a tasty morsel.  We Gringos with our consumerist mentality are very tasty morsels.

You must be very convincing with, “No, Gracias!”  If there is the slightest waiver in your tone they persist.  I usually turn my back and walk away.  If you linger you lose. You lose the cash in your pocket.  For me, the cash in my pocket is more valuable than the stuff in the stalls.

Peter and I spent less than $900 last month.  That means we saved over $1,000!  Very few people can live on $2,000 per month and save money, I would say.  This is possible, primarily because I am adverse to stuff.  Plus I am saving for a Hobie kayak – the kind you pedal – like Grant and Shirley have.

I was specifically looking for avocados and lime to make guacamole to take to the pot luck tonight.  We made our purchases and left to walk back home, about 5 miles.

“You walked from the market?!?!”  People are always so surprised to hear of the distances Peter and I are willing and able to walk.  We love to walk.  It’s an easy form of exercise, free of any negative side effects, and actually has the added benefit of taking you where you want to go.

Later in the evening we dinghied over to Sailor’s Run to join Jeff and Debbie, along with Ron and Mary Ann for an amazing enchilada dinner.  And guacamole, of course.


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