Thursday, March 5, 2015 Weather Window

Woke up:           Las Hadas Resort, Manzanillo, Mexico

Went to sleep:  Las Hadas Resort, Manzanillo, Mexico

Weather Window

The barometer dropped 6 millibars.  The sky is filled with clouds and Passage Weather is predicting 25 – 30 knots of wind out of the north.  The Captain says we are staying another day in Manzanillo.   I am getting nervous I won’t get the house cleaned in time for Alex and Krista’s visit.  I want to take all the blankets and towels to the lavenderia in La Manzanilla, the one with the delicious detergent.  Oh, dear!  This is bad!

I spent the morning doing some on line banking and then I tackled the taxes.  I want to have the forms filled out and everything signed and sealed so Alex can carry the envelopes back to the states and mail them from there.  Mexico does NOT have reliable mail service.  I learned a lesson when I went to the “post office” in Cabo to mail out property taxes to Deschutes County.  The stamp cost $35.00.  (That’s US dollars, not pesos.)!!  It’s almost cheaper to buy a plane ticket.

We went to the pool in the afternoon.  Our last time.  We chatted with the couple, Tammy and Russ, who did  my yoga class earlier in the week.  They joined us for a little dinghy ride around the bay and out to Penelope for a tour.  People are intrigued by our unique life style.  We motored  them back to the resort and came home for our last evening in Las Hadas.  It was a lovely sunset.


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