Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Woke up:                     Tenacatita, Mexico

Went to sleep:            Tenacatita, Mexico

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

I always use company as an excuse to exercise my obsessive compulsive disorder.  Who else would take a bucket of hot soapy water and a 4-inch sponge to the bow of the boat and wash every square inch?  It’s actually a very good thing we get company once or twice a year so this poor ol’ boat gets a good scrub once in a while.

There is a process around having company.  First I go to the super mercado and get a huge supply of groceries.  That’s a one day exploit.  Done.  Then I take all the laundry, sheets and towels to the lavenderia.  That’s a two day process.  This time it involved two dinghy rides across the bay – one to deliver the laundry and one to retrieve it – on two different days.  Done.  Three days out I started the stainless steel.  Keep in mind Peter has a cold and is therefore rendered virtually useless.  Today I tackled the deck with my sponge.  Done.  She is just about beauteous.

End of Season

The anchorages are becoming very forlorn.  The radio chatter has quieted.

Here in Bahia Tenacatita, about 130 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, we are anchored alongside 8 to 10 other vessels.  A couple of huge power boats, but mostly sailing vessels.  A lot of ketch rigged boats (two masts).  If not a ketch, usually a cutter rig.  Very few sloops.

Almost every boat is inhabited by a married couple.  We take the dinghy around the bay and get to know each one.  The majority are from Canada, the Pacific Northwest, or California.  We are definitely the newbies on the block.  Most of the other cruisers have been out here 3 – 8 years.

We are finding the majority of cruisers go “home” for the summer.  They either put their boats “on the hard” or leave them in a marina.  I understand it’s excruciatingly hot in Mexico in the summer.  I guess we’ll find out.  Peter and I currently have reservations to spend hurricane season (June – October) in Marina de Mazatlan.

The season is winding down.  There are many fewer boats around than a month ago.  Most of the boats we’ve known since the Baja Ha Ha are slowly making their way north to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, San Carlos or have left for the south Pacific.  Until now, I didn’t understand the logistics of the “cruising season.”

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