Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Company From Portland

Woke up:                     Tenacatita, Mexico

Went to sleep:            Tenacatita, Mexico

Company From Portland

I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on the inside of the boat.


I put sheets on Alex and Krista’s bed and put clean pillow cases on their pillows.

Then I took a nice cool shower in the cock pit.

Peter had taken the dinghy fishing when it was time to go to shore so I caught a ride with our neighbor.  I sat on a street bench, reading my book, waiting for our friends to arrive.  Pretty soon I saw them walking toward me.  Just back packs, no luggage.

It was so good to see them.  Just like we’d never been apart.  They said they were hungry after a long day of travel so we plopped ourselves down at a beach front tienda for a plate of garlic octopus.

Afterward, we shuttled their bags out to Penelope and they exchanged their jeans and tennis shoes for shorts and flip flops.  Welcome to the tropics.

We went back to the beach and sat with the others in front of Loni Loka’s to watch the sun set and wait in eager anticipation of seeing the “Green Flash.”  Once the sun was below the horizon, we made a dash in the dinghy home.

Krista is an amazing cook.  She threw together eggs, chorizo, bell pepper and onion and we enjoyed dinner together at the table.

Peter allows me to behave in a completely outrageous way when we have company.  I tell long, excruciating semi-true stories, typically forgetting the punch line or the point of the story until sometime later in the evening.  We laughed, told stories and had fun until we were all too tired to keep our eyes open a minute longer.

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