Thursday, March 12, 2015 Play Day

Woke up:                     Tenacatita, Mexico

Went to sleep:             Tenacatita, Mexico

Play Day

I set the alarm super early so we would have a good long day to play.

At 9:00 am Krista and I were spreading out our mats at Bending Tree Yoga.  The class was delightful.  The owner/teacher, Karen, led a class that was accessible to new comers or elderly and yet challenging enough for those who have a regular practice.  She introduced just the right amount of introspection without being overly “woo woo”.  I loved it and would attend every day if I lived here.

Bending Tree Yoga  La Manzanilla, Mexico

Bending Tree Yoga
La Manzanilla, Mexico

We met up with the guys afterward and spent a couple of hours walking around the delightful little town of La Manzanilla.  I could live here.  On the far end of town, there is a crocodile reserve.  Just like a zoo, you pay a small fee for admission (5 pesos) and walk along elevated wooden walkways to observe the crocodiles in their natural habitat.


For lunch we stopped at a local street vendor for pollo asar (grilled chicken).

After dark, Peter showed Alex and Krista the bioluminescence.  I didn’t think I would ever get the children to come in from playing out doors once they discovered the sparkling water.  The three of them motored around in the dinghy, sparkles illuminating off the out board prop, dangling feet, hands, sticks and anything else they could find through the water to watch the various arrays of light.

Our play days are long.  With a cool breeze off the ocean and the gentle rocking of the boat, we all slept very well.

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