Sunday, March 15, 2015 Rain!

Woke up:                     Tenacatita, Mexico

Went to sleep:             Tenacatita, Mexico


This time the weather guessers were spot on.

We had brunch with Alex and Krista then solemnly walked them to their taxi.  It’s nice when people come to visit but it makes me doubly homesick when they go.


The weather forecast was for lots of rain, wind and lightening.  I guess you could say that again!

It started raining about 11:30 am, just as Alex and Krista were leaving.  We motored the dinghy back to Penelope and climbed on board to hunker down.  For the next 30 hours it did nothing but pour down buckets of rain and gust 35 – 40 knots.

I was gradually succumbing to Peter’s cold so I was happy to kick back and start on the tall pile of periodicals Alex had packed on board.

The sky continued to pour down buckets of rain throughout the night.  To add to the performance, there was almost continuous lightening with crashing thunder only 5 – 6 seconds away.

The wind blew Penelope 20 degrees to port and the ocean swell hammered her 20 degrees back to starboard.  I woke Peter about 3:00 am and suggested he might want to go outside and pump water out of the dinghy again.  “Thank you, honey,” he said.

Peter went outside to pump out the dinghy completely naked to take advantage of the rain and get a quick shower.  With lightening all around, overhead and in the background it looked like a scene from the movie Frankenstein.

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Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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