Monday, March 23, 2015 Kind of a Bummer

Woke up:                     Tenacatita, Mexico

Went to sleep:             Tenacatita, Mexico

Kind of a Bummer

Like on land, some days are better than others.  While yesterday I felt full and satisfied, today I felt restless and anxious.  Our friends, Steve and Janny, left this morning for Chamela.  They motored near Penelope on their way out of the bay and we were awakened by the sound of Gracie, their dog, barking.  We both bolted from bed and raised our heads above the companionway to holler and wave, “Adios!”

We had intended to leave today, also, but with the wind and swell we’ve had over the past few days, Peter was concerned we might encounter uncomfortable chop if we try to head north too soon.  Better to wait and give the ocean another day to lay down.

Besides, Neal and Kristy from Liahona invited us for dinner.

I was bored throughout the day.  I didn’t feel like doing anything but felt like a slug laying around any longer.  Peter said it would take another week before I completely get my energy back following my cold but I still thought of myself as a putz, not being more productive.

Peter started getting Penelope ready to pull out tomorrow which meant removing the out board motor from the dinghy and hoisting it up onto its handrail mount.

At 5:00 pm we rowed the dinghy over to Liahona.  Neal and Kristy, both gourmet chefs by profession, had prepared Cajun sea bass, rice and beans with bacon and broccoli.  After dinner, another couple, Heather and Chris from Legacy came over to enjoy Flan.

Heather and Chris have been cruising 12 years and are heading home at the end of the season to sell their boat and buy a house.  They were able to describe the process of “up locking” and “down locking” through the Panama Canal.  Fascinating!

We look forward to this exciting experience while they, on the other hand, look forward to a house and a yard and a car.

It’s an evolution.

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