Thursday, April 2, 2015 Paradise Village

Woke up:                     La Cruz, Mexico

Went to sleep:             La Cruz, Mexico

Paradise Village

Today we took the bus to Paradise Village, about 21 kilometers east of where we are anchored in La Cruz.  Paradise Village is a grande resort.

Once you convince the guards to let you through the gate, you find a marina, beach front palapas, hotel with several pools, golf course, boutiques, and every other kind of ways to spend money a person would want.

Paradise Village

Paradise Village

Our friends, John and Cass, have their boat here.  We informed the guard we are visiting and received permission to enter.  Now we have the run of the place.

We found John and Cass by the pool.  Cass had used extra towels and books to save us each a chair.

Pool Side

Pool Side

We are trying to figure out what to do with me while Peter goes home to Portland in May.  I need to be in a marina.  There is too much risk in having me on the boat at anchor.  What if the anchor drags?  What if we spring a leak and the engine won’t start?  What if I can’t get the dinghy engine to start and I’m stranded at the boat?  Too many ways for me to get into trouble.  We want me to be safely tucked into a marina with water, power, Wi-Fi, laundry, etc.

We have reservations at Paradise Village but I like La Cruz so much I think I may want to rethink this.

We visited with John and Cass, interrupted by cooling dips in the pool, throughout the afternoon.

Following our exploration, I think “No” to Paradise Village.  Although, it is beautiful and has an awesome pool it is too far removed from anything remotely Mexico.

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